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3 Generations of Jazz

The Arntzen Family - 4 Generations of Jazz

3 Generations of Jazz

Lloyd Arntzen has been a fixture on the Vancouver traditional Jazz scene in Vancouver for many years. His love of Sidney Bichet, Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong shining through in his clarinet and soprano sax mastery. His son Tom has forged his own musical path, often playing his thunderous piano in Lloyd's various bands, but mostly doing his own projects with his eclectic musical tastes. Now Tom's son, Evan, a new blip on the musical radar, has hit the Vancouver scene like a bolt from the blue, and one might have expected the dynasty to veer toward funk, alternative rock, even pop. Don't believe it. The 19 year old is a throwback to his grand-dad's music, blowing both clarinet and tenor sax, the latter drawing critical comparisons with Bud Freeman and Eddie Miller.

"I don't know how that happened," a mildly bemused Tom Arntzen laughed. "My father likes to say that he was born 20 years too late, because the music he loves most was popular before he was born, I guess that's true for Evan and I too, we're 40 years and 60 years too late."

There is, it's true, a bit of 'if you can't beat them, join them' irony to the Three Generations of Jazz, the act that joins the three in a celebration of vintage jazz. In reality it's only a formalization, Tom says, of a musical melding of grandfather, father and son that's been going on at family gatherings for years. "We have a tradition of performing that music with my dad, at family gatherings. As far back as I can remember, right from the very beginning, Dad was playing this music in our living room, rehearsing his bands." Tom said.

Regular gigs include North Vancouver's Summer Concert Series, Crescent Beach Legion, West Vancouver's Silk Purse, and New York's Highline Ballroom, where shows include Tom's wife Georgina (Vocals) brother Leif (Vocals, Trumpet) and his son Miles (Age 18 years, Vocals, Guitar, Piano,Drums). Who will be the next Arntzen to join the band? Stay tuned, more generations on the way!

3 Generations of Jazz is:

LLOYD ARNTZEN Clarinetist, soprano saxophonist,vocalist

LEIF ARNTZENTrumpeter, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter

TOM ARNTZEN Keyboardist and vocalist

EVAN NIGEL ARNTZEN Tenor and soprano saxophonist



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