Anwaar Dance Company
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Anwaar Dance Company
Elegant, High Energy and Professional Belly Dancing
Anwaar Dance Company offers an elegant, high energy professional belly dance show that is always family friendly and entertaining for all ages! Anwaar Dance Company works hard to preserve authenticity while offering a contemporary twist. They take pride in working hard to please all clients and will work closely with you to make sure that your entertainment needs are met.

Anwaar Dance Company incorporates elements of ballet, flamenco, Indian, Persian and traditional folkloric Middle Eastern styles in their performance and also includes props such as fan veils, wings, veils, swords, canes and more in our show. Anwaar Dance Company can incorporate different songs in their routine to best reflect your background and preferences. They use a variety of music in their performance - from mysterious and exotic classical songs to beat-tastic and contemporary.

Anwaar is made up of Ashley and Carla Naar, who both have a long history of dance. Together they form "Anwaar Dance Company". The word "Anwaar" is Arabic for "brightness" and "collection of lights", which describes Ashley and Carla perfectly.


Ashley is widely known for her expressive and personable performances that stays true to the pure Oriental style of Raks Sharqi. She is a polished dancer who loves to perform and has a natural joie de vivre. To date, Ashley has performed in Canada, the USA, Trinidad, and in the UK.

Ashley has long held residency in most of the Greek, Persian, and Arabic restaurants in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since 2001. Ashley has been teaching beginner and intermediate bellydance since 2002. With an undergraduate degree in Rehabilitation, and about to start a Masters degree in Physical Therapy, Ashley firmly believes in proper body mechanics and alignment while providing a fun and engaging class for all. Ashley has studied with some of the world’s finest dancers: Randa Kamel, Mahmoud Reda, Jillina, Ranya Renee, Tamalyn Dallal, Bozenka, and Aziza, and Amir Thaleb.

Carla Naar:

Brazillian award winning dancer Carla Naar is best known for her radiating stage presence. Carla has been described as an energetic, enthusiastic, creative, classical and refined dancer. Her performances are always engaging, and when appropriate, encourages audience participation. With extensive knowledge of classical, modern, pop, and folkloric belly dance and Middle Eastern styles, in addition to a rich dance background, Carla is a versatile dancer who can adapt to many different venues. Carla travels to Egypt every June to participate in one of the world’s top dance festivals "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" to extend her dance knowledge and training, often studying with Egyptian-style instructors such as Mohamed Shahin, Gamal Seif, Darya Mitskevich, and Nagwa Fouad.

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