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AUDIO SAMPLES from the CD - Gypsy Blues
AUDIO SAMPLES from the CD - Lonesome Ghosts
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Trickster Coyote - Live

Sugar Dime

Live at Hermann’s Jazz Club w/ Morgan Onda on sax, Ashley Wey on keys, Al on guitar and vox, Jasmine on drums and bass
Blue Moon Marquee
Swing, ragtime and delta blues blend with a scratchy voice and a sense of gypsy freedom
Blue Moon Marquee ( Formerly A.W. Cardinal) is a Canadian "Gypsy Blues" band that stem from the dusty Hoodoo’s of the Alberta Rocky Mountain Badlands. A.W. Cardinal (vocals, guitar, harmonica.) and Jasmine Colette (vocals, bass, drums.) primarily write and perform original compositions. Influenced by artists such as Lonnie Johnson, Charley Patton, Bill Jennings and Django Reinhardt.

After living in Montreal and New York City and being bathed in jazz and blues for some time, A.W. Cardinal decided it was time to head home and bought a grey hound ticket as long as your right arm, back to the great Canadian west to record the album "Stainless Steel Heart". There in the winter of 2012 A.W. met with Jasmine Colette, a Hoodoo Lady whom has toured the bulk of North America over the last six years as a bassist, singer and a hoop dancer. Performing with the likes of Paul Pigat, Bill Bourne, Andrew Loog Oldham, Tanya Tagaq, David Gogo, Simon Kendall, Madagascar Slim and Wyckam Porteous. Within two weeks they recorded the album and ever since then Blue Moon Marquee was formed. They toured for the first time as a band in the winter of 2012 from the cost through the rocky mountains and back, then again in the summer of 2013 they did a cross Canada tour that involved being part of the International Vancouver Jazz Festival. They were asked to return in 2014 and played the festival as part of a 50 date cross Canada tour, including five shows at Victoria International Jazz Fest.

Blue Moon Marquee have perfected a live style of playing, a duo that sounds like a full band. Jasmine Colette (the rhythm section) not only sings with an alluring and elegant voice and masters the stand up bass, but also keeps the swing with her feet by playing a kick drum with one foot, a snare and high hat with the other. A.W. is a large man, with sharp eyes often hidden under the shadow of a faded black Hutterite hat with his guitar in stow. He is soft spoken and warm natured, with a singing voice as thick and as black as coal smoke that barrels out like a Raging bull. Blue Moon Marquee’s chemistry transcends the music itself and the way Colette’s angelic tones lift Wesley’s beaten down Bukowski–esque mystique is something that will surely stay in your head for a while and make a lasting impression. To date Blue Moon Marquee released two full length albums of their original compositions, "Stainless Steel Heart" (2013) and "Lonesome Ghosts" (2014). They are set to record their third album this winter on the West Coast.

"They should play at all festivals, would have them play again in a heart beat. They were a beautiful choice. They will be remembered."
-Alert Bay Seafest, Kim Mercer

Blue Moon Marquee is:

A.W. Cardinal (vocals, guitar, harmonica.)
Jasmine Colette (vocals, bass, drums.)

Blue Moon Marquee is also available as a full band
(up to six piece)

Some of the musicians making up the
Blue Moon Marquee band are:

Vancouver/West Coast Players:
David Vest – Piano,
Morgan Onda – Saxophone.
Mal Temple – Drums
Dean Thieson – Piano
Ashley Wey – Piano
Cameron Wilson – Violin

Rob Goodwin – drums
Andrew Ludtke – Trombone
Morgan Mckey – Piano/keys

John Kerkhoven – Harmonica
Ram Krishnan – Drums

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