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Bob Taylor
Versatile Voice Actor with 50 years of experience
As with many voice talents, radio was Bob’s petri dish. He began the journey in 1967 as a part-time DJ at a local rock radio station in Buffalo, New York.

Realizing he wanted to do nothing else, he clawed and annoyed himself into the hearts of the movers and shakers in the Buffalo radio market and eventually ended up as a morning co-host with his life-long friend and partner Harv Moore, on the Taylor & Moore show on WPhD 103.

Being a production director as well as on-air talent, Bob quickly realized his potential in the voice-over trade. He was in high demand in town, and over time, moved outside "the dish".

Bob’s voice-over lifetime spans over 50 years and each time he throws the mic switch, he gets the same rush of enthusiasm that he got that many years ago.

Countless commercials, corporate narrations and radio imaging jobs later, Bob’s zeal for making your project a roaring success and making everyone up the chain happy, remains his primary objective.

Folksy, friendly, warm, concerned, big, loud, deep, mellow, fun… whatever you need, Bob Taylor can deliver. As he says "From my lips…to their ears…Let’s Get This Thing DONE !!"

Bob Taylor is available for voice actor work.
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