Chris Dattoli
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Chris Dattoli
Chris Dattoli
Jersey Native Voice Talent with a passion for media
Once he was just a lonely, lonely geek who watched too much anime, played too many games and would make silly voices along with the side scrolling characters, but now….at least he gets paid to do the silly voices…

Chris was born along the Jersey Shore and first started performing at age 11, voicing radio spots for local businesses. Since then, he’s been featured in various projects, such as Brigandine: Grand Edition, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha, audiobooks, and commercials!

Chris is an avid comic book and retro game collector, faithful Fatal Fury fan, and semi-pro gamer. You can find him at any local anime convention, whenever he’s not in the studio!

His voice will add gravity and weight to your project. Chris can voice the conversational adult for your product or the young spellcaster in your next video game.

Chris Dattoli is available for voiceover work.
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