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Freewheeling vibe of five artists that mesh the worlds of digital sounds with "taal", the Indian arrangement of rhythm
DigiTAAL has a rebellious, freewheeling vibe of five artists that mesh the worlds of digital sounds with "taal", the Indian arrangement of rhythm. The group’s sound is multi-genre-leaping – a shape-shifting synthesis delighting global listeners with an edgy aural adventure – the ultimate musical mash-up. Joining lead songstress, Jill Raymond is multilingual singer Gagan Sharma, diehard drummer Pip Dhaliwal; keyboard virtuoso Nick Chowlia and dhol master Karm Cooner.

The group draws praise for merging hard driving North Indian bhangra rhythms with elements of electronic, reggae and rock. But in reality, DigiTAAL’s sound - is its own trajectory. The group defies true categorization.

Creating magic with sound, DigiTAAL is transforming a variety of genres into global soundscapes and breaking down cultural barriers. The multicultural group takes audiences to places they have never been before and ultimately building bridges, connections, finding common ground. Making music a truly universal language.

Songs are filled with vocal synchronizations and sound explorations led by the solo female and multilingual vocalist. The sultry songstress, a top-notch front woman - is a born star. She commands the stage, engages the audience, and helps DigiTAAL engage with the crowd. The second lyricist strengthens the group's vocals with his Punjabi, Hindi, English, and rap breakouts. The duo shine singing together, trading off lead vocals and harmonizing on a dime. Five like-mind musicians solidly back DigiTAAL. Influenced by their solo musical journeys, the sounds of DigiTAAL fuse to create an intimate, inimitable sound attained by the intense blend of powerful personalities.

In a time where the entire globe is merging cultures, audiences love to see DigiTAAL transcending stereotypes and letting music speak for itself.

Live, their songs take on a new life. During performances, the road-tested band challenges itself, dipping in and out of improvisation, teaching the audience dance moves, and visibly having a blast. Each player commands his or her own space with unique style and energy.

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