Gary Comeau
for booking contact:
Jeff Turner
604-662-4144 x221
AUDIO SAMPLES from the 2017 CD -
One Night Only, Live at The Dream Cafe
Letters From Eve
Stage Plot/Hospitality Rider

CBC presents: Gary Comeau & the Voodoo Allstars

Performance at the Centennial Theatre

'I think about you all the time'
Gary Comeau & the Voodoo Allstars
Hot and Spicy Louisiana inspired Roots & Blues
Take the rhythm of the Maritime Acadian music, season well with Louisiana zydeco blues, add a twist of Highway 61 era Dylan, serve it up with great showmanship, and you’ve got a potent musical cocktail that will have your head spinning and your feet dancing!
- Island Folks Festival

Gary Comeau is a singer-songwriter and musician of unique diversity and talent. Playing a range of instruments including guitar, mandolin, fiddle and piano, he delivers originally crafted, high energy, New Orleans-style rockin' roots and blues.

Although Gary’s own roots are French-Acadian - he was born and raised in Nova Scotia - his soul seems to have taken a long and inspiring detour through Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta.  While Gary does not consider himself to be a Cajun or zydeco artist per se (“it’s just the vibe that runs through the tunes I write”) he’s probably the most southern-sounding player in town. Steve Newton of The Georgia Straight states, “Vancouver’s roots-music scene has immensely benefited from Comeau’s presence.”

Between 1997 - 2004 Gary released four CD’s. Comeau’s talents have also caught the attention of the film industry with songs like "Marianne", featured in The Paramount Film “Double Jeopardy” (1999) and "I Think About You All the Time” from the film “Wise Guys” (2003).

Gary Comeau & The Voodoo Allstars were asked to participate in The BC Fire Relief Benefit; a joint production of CBC television and radio. They were featured on Holger Peterson’s Saturday Night Blues; a CBC nation-wide blues show out of Edmonton, Alberta and are regulars on the West Coast Festival circuit where their live performances are, more often than not, the showcase highlight.

Gary Comeau & the Voodoo Allstars is:

Gary Comeau
- vocals, fiddle, mandolin,
piano, accordian, guitar

Tim Hearsey
- vocals, guitar

Rob Becker
- vocals, bass

Chris Nordquist
- vocals, drums, percussion

Jerry Cook
- sax

Cannery Row

Gary is also available as part of the trio 'Cannery Row', a West Coast trio who have come together from a range of different musical backgrounds to create an eclectic collection of songs. You will hear the influence of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the blues from Memphis and the Mississippi delta (the land of Chuck Berry), the Latin rhythms of Cuba, and a sprinkle of the early roots of Jazz as the trio performs songs from their self-titled album.

Cannery Row is:

Gary Comeau
- piano, fiddle, accordion, mandolin, guitar, banjo, vocals

Tim Hearsey
- slide/acoustic guitar, banjo, vocals

Chris Nordquist
- drums, percussion, washboard, vocals


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