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Not Perfect
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Good Girl (Official Music Video)

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Gena Perala
Slam Poet and Singer Songwriter
Lyrics That Explore Human Nature & The World Around Us
Gena Perala grew up spending much of her childhood traveling with her family on the carnival circuit. Perhaps this explains her astute lyrical insight into human nature and the world around us. Her lyrics, her voice and her willingness to bare all, create an atmosphere of poignancy and revelation. She was once described as "Jewel meets Peaches," which is a pretty good description.

Gena started by performing in the Vancouver Poetry Slam before bringing her love of writing and her love of singing together. Her dad bought her a guitar; she muddled her way through it and soon wrote her first song, "Restless by Nature" (This ain’t pretty, 2008). She has since performed for the United Nations, on the PNE Main Stage, at the Stanley Theater, up the East Coast and all over Vancouver. She was cast as herself in a feature film entitled "Love Happens," starring Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart and was the winner of the Rock the Vote audio contest, winning $1500.00 for her poem expressing the importance of voting. Most recently one of Gena’s songs can be found in an independent feature film "Me, my mom and a whistle."

Gena Perala also works with the youth in her community, hired to facilitate poetry and music workshops within Surrey Juvenile Correctional facilities as well as within Vancouver’s School District. The guardians of the Correctional facility said they had never seen the boys (aged 13-17) so respectful and so engaged with any facilitator, ever.

Gena has published three books of poetry, "I’m a Worst Case Scenario Type of Girl"(2003), "Clean Getaway"(2005) and "Better Sorry than Safe"(2011). She has released two solo albums "This Ain’t Pretty"(2008) and most recently, a real labor of love, "Exactly Nowhere"(2013).

Gena Perala released a haunting new single, ‘Good Girl’ February 2018.

Reuniting with long-time producer Chris Gestrin, the two have a powerful connection, moving seamlessly through genres and sounds, creating dark melodies enhanced by Perala’s sultry vocals and intensely honest lyrics.

Good Girl opens with beautiful yet ominous "ooohs" and "ahhhs" setting the tone before getting straight to the point: "She’s too good for you and you know it’s true. I think it’s killing you, instead you’re killing her, murderer, murderer, murderer."

The visual single premier is an eerie depiction of the artist floating in water surrounded by darkness and at times drowning. Dancers writhing underneath fabric represent the relationship eliciting visuals as unnerving as they are interesting.

"Sometimes we know something isn’t good for us and we know we need to get away but we just can’t. Like there’s a force outside ourselves, the fabric drawing us together or the water drowning us and no matter how hard we try, we just can’t get out" Perala says, shedding light on some of the unsettling yet stunning imagery in the video.

Good Girl is the first of a string of releases Perala plans for 2018. It is bit of a departure from her last album (Exactly Nowhere, 2014): Perala trades in her piano for a synthesizer and her drummer for a drum machine. Good Girl is a sparse down-tempo electronic synth song that flirts with pop elements. In stark contrast to the dark lyrics: "keeping a good girl down, keeping a good girl down," the chorus chimes playfully.

"Gena Perala is a modern renaissance woman. Raised on the carnival circuit, she developed a keen insight into the human condition, and the artful storytelling style of a life-long performer."
- Wildy’s World

"It was the sheer frank sincerity of her lyricism that made her stand out to me. She is obviously unafraid to share her feelings, and unlike many musicians, she does it believably, she is like the bridge between anti-folk and pop, like a Canadian Emmy The Great, or Rae Morris with a bit of punk spirit in her. Basically, Gena is someone you want to be friends with, but you’ll have to settle for her great music."
- Thank folk for that

"Her songs are intensely honest and Perala never strays away from touchy subjects or beats around the bush, always upfront and concise, her willingness to sing things, thoughts, and ideas that we may at first think of as ‘weak’ or ‘desperate’, come off as stronger and more charismatic than ever. Never sugar-coating anything yet always able to sing with a sweetness that is hard to match, Perala has a natural knack for storytelling and opening up about certain subjects that others just cannot pull off or whom would never dare."
- MV Remix

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Styles/Genres: Ominous, Artful Storytelling, Intensely Honest.

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