Jack Garton and the Demon Squadron
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AUDIO SAMPLES from the 2016 CD "Move the Mess Around"
AUDIO SAMPLES from the limited edition EP

Better Late Than Never

Move the Mess Around
Jack Garton and the Demon Squadron
Deep Grooves and Mad Ideas
Howling Blues-Dub Sorcerers
Steeped in the solitude of the mountains and islands of the Pacific Northwest, raised in the boisterous and irreverent East Vancouver arts community, Jack Garton’s music is a dance party for the vulnerable at heart.

In the lineage of Weird and Wonderful Canadian songwriters Leonard Cohen, k.d.Lang, Corb Lund and Geoff Berner, Garton’s songs alchemize brokenness and pride, and celebrate the sheer "absurd difficulty of being alive" (Geoff Berner) with wit and grace.

Over the last ten years while touring Canada, the USA and Europe, Garton has developed a distinctive voice on the accordion, mixing cajun, european and country styles with ease into an exciting roots music feast.

Whether backed by his powerful band the Demon Squadron or solo, armed with an accordion and trumpet, his shows are theatrical, fluid, confessional, and fun. They reflect a lifetime of devotion to the art of live music as well as an impressive breadth of life experience including his roles as a father and husband, local gravedigger, theatre artist and music teacher.

Garton’s upcoming release "Move the Mess Around" is a manual for living with commitment, set to a roots roller–coaster soundtrack courtesy of his loyal band the Demon Squadron.

The Demon Squadron is the engine behind Jack Garton’s songs. Formed in 2013 and named after Garton’s grandfather’s special ops flight squadron in WWII, the band is a highly–trained crew of Vancouver’s most unique musical talent. From rockabilly to rocksteady, country to cajun, every show is roots music mayhem executed with classic showmanship and wry humour.

While touring Western Canada, Washington State and Alaska, the Squadron has been honoured to serve on festival main stages, concert halls, theatres, clubs and cook-outs. It’s all in the line of duty for BC’s rambling servicemen and women as they continue to wage Garton’s campaigns of heavy honesty and devastating joy throughout the region.

Jack Garton and The Demon Squadron are:

  • Gen. Jack Garton – Accordion/Trumpet/Songs/Strategy
  • M Gen. Amrit Basi – Drums
  • Br. Gen. Brendon Hartley – Bass
  • Lt. Adam Farnsworth – Keys
  • Col. Steven Drake – Lap Steel
  • M. Sage Trampleasure – Violin

"Move the Mess Around is a brilliant album that is arguably the most appropriate and honest soundtrack for our current generation that is just trying to walk in a straight line."
–Maddy Cristall, CBC

"The sound is punchy and bright, with the instruments perfectly coordinated." –Tony Montague, Georgia Straight

"Jack Garton will save the accordion"
– Trevor Nichols, Jasper Fitzhugh

"This is a really catchy, well–written singer/songwriter/accordion record. The musicianship is solid, it’s well recorded. Clever rhymes, an overall point of view about just the absurd difficulty of being alive. I like it a lot."
– Geoff Berner

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