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Nikita Afonso
Captivating Folk Melodies
& Honest Lyrics
Maya Rae
Young Jazz Vocalist & Musician Beyond Her Years
Americana Rock'n Roll best served with a cold beverage on a long highway
Dawn Pemberton
Soulful Music
For The Masses

Styles/Genres: Country, Honest, Storytelling Modern, Pop, Rock, Strong Vocals.

Styles/Genres: Jazz, Pop, Classic, Incredible Tone, Meaningful, Storyteller Self-love, Hope, Empowerment

Styles/Genres: Jagged, Rock'n Roll, Haunted Melodies, Country-soaked, Americana, Southern

Soulful, Roots, Jazz, Funk, Gospel

Sophia Danai
Dynamic Up & Doing Singer
w/ Foundation in Soul
Babe Gurr
Singer . Songwriter . Guitarist . Music Producer . Animal Advocate
Kristina Helene
Genre Bending, Ambitious & Talented Singer-Songwriter
Chloé Morgan
High Profile DJ merging her live vocals and instrumentation

Styles/Genres: R&B , Soul, Electro-Pop, Bluesy Guitar, Glittering Electronics, Dark, Soulful, Melodies

Styles/Genres: Adult, Alternative, Blues, Pop, Roots.

Styles/Genres: Jazz, Soft, Beautiful, Powerful, Rich, Deep

Styles/Genres: Soulful, Roots, Jazz, Funk, Gospel

Amanda Wood

Gifted Jazz/Pop Singer
and Songwriter
The Tequila
Mockingbird Orchestra

Gypsy Ska Folk Acoustic Ensemble with Deep Roots

Ali Milner

Westcoast Rootsy
Soul Pop

COCO Jafro

Vintage Funk &
21st Century Urban Cool
Styles/Genres: Adult Contemporary, Jazz, Pop, Powerful, Emotional, Easy Listening, Vocal Jazz Styles/Genres: Gypsy, Rock, Folk, Funk, Honest, Conscious, Deep Roots, Upbeat Styles/Genres: Westcoast, Rootsy, Pop, Playfully Coy, Classy Vocals, Sophisticated, Soulful Styles/Genres: Afro-Latin, Funk, Throwback 60's, High Energy, Soulful, Savvy, Acid Jazz

Jack Garton
Deep Grooves and Mad Ideas
Howling Blues-Dub Sorcerers
Eli Bennett
Award-winning jazz
Gena Perala
Slam Poet and
Singer Songwriter
Sons of Granville
Westcoast Inspired Instrumental Music
Styles/Genres: Catchy, Upbeat, Accordionist, Trumpeter, Vocalist, Cajun, European, Country, Roots

Styles/Genres: Jazz, Saxophone, Colorful, Flexible, Fluid, Inspirational, Motivating, Adventurous

Styles/Genres: Ominous,
Artful, Storytelling,
Intense, Honest
Styles/Genres: Meditative, Soundscape, Classical Romanticism, Energetic, Improvisational, Viola, Guitar, Percussion, Instrumental

Michael Fraser
Multigenre Electric Violinist / Music Producer / DJ

Styles/Genres:High Energy, Jazz, Disco, Fiddle, DJs


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