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John Cullen
A comic, curler, teacher, drummer, chummer.
John Cullen is the rare comedian that you watch and he's having so much fun on stage that you can't decide whether he's having more fun or you are. Comedy should be about having fun, after all, and John's had a lot of it, accomplishing many things in just 8 years as a stand-up comedian. His album, Most Likely to be a Comedian, went to #1 on iTunes and can be frequently heard on SiriusXM radio.

His former podcast, Real Good Show, was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award and his current podcast, Blocked Party, regularly hits the top 50 on the iTunes podcast charts and has been featured on the A.V. Club. He's appeared on television as part of the Just for Laughs, Winnipeg and Halifax Comedy Festivals, and is a regular at the Just for Laughs Northwest festival. Oh, and he's made multiple appearances on CBC's The Debaters.

In 2020, John released his second comedy album 'Long Stories for No Reason available on Apple Music HERE...

John Cullen was raised in the suburbs of Toronto, and moved to the suburbs of Vancouver when he was 13. He finally moved to the big city in 2012, though that doesn’t make him any less scared.

He has been praised for being "immediately likable" on stage, a statement he fully endorses. John makes audiences feel at ease, and would insist that he is enjoying himself as much as the audience is. He has toured across Canada and they might’ve liked him in St. John’s even more than in Vancouver, so that’s something.

John has done some impressive things in comedy that aren’t impressive to you because you don’t know what they exactly mean, but he accomplished many big things fast. He’s opened for the likes of Aries Spears and Harland Williams, and is releasing a comedy special in June that was filmed live at a sold-out Vogue Theatre in Vancouver.

John has been curling competitively since 1999, picking up the game in Ontario and then leaving for the British Columbia curling scene. He has been to BC Men’s Provincials 5 times(winning bronze in 2012), won three World Curling Tour events, and has been ranked as high as the top 25 of the World Curling Tour money list.

He also hosts an acclaimed webseries called "Cullen and a Curler", in where he interviews curlers and asks them the tough questions, like how bald they’re going to be in 10 years and how they feel curling compares with sexual intercourse. The hard-hitting stuff. Past guests on the show include 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist Ben Hebert and 2013 World Champion/2014 Olympic Bronze Medalist Niklas Edin.

The video series is part of the featured content at the world’s largest independent curling website, CurlingZone, and can be streamed Here

Bringing his vast experiences in life as a curler, a teacher, and a friend to many to the stage, John takes a charming and charismatic look at the world around him, and dares you not to fall in love with him.

Okay, he just really hopes you love him. Because he loves you.

John Cullen

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