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Jeff Turner's featured artists tracks available for licensing

Featuring break-out tracks from JTF artists ready to market their tracks for licensing purposes.

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Michelle Creber
Pop, R&B, Theatrical
John Welsh & Los Valientes
Rock, Latin, Reggae
Robert Connely Farr
Bentonia Blues, Americana, Country
Anthemic Alt-Metal & Introspective Indie Rock

Fusion, Jazz, R&B
Nikita Afonso
Pop, Electronic
Kristina Helene
Pop, Rock, R&B
Rock, Americana, Country

Amanda Wood
Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Pop
Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra
Gypsy, Rock, Folk
Maya Rae
Jazz, Pop, Soul, R&B
Funk, Soul, Afro-Latin

Jack Garton
Rockabilly, Blues
Eli Bennett
Ambient, Soundtrack
Gena Perala
Electronic, Pop
Sons of Granville
Instrumental, Acoustic, Worldbeat

Sophia Danai
R&B, Pop, Electronic
Babe Gurr
Adult, Rock, Blues

Ali Milner
Pop, Rock, Folk
The Kwerks
Pop, Adult Contemporary, Folk

Michael Fraser
Dawn Pemberton
Soul, R&B, Funk
Chloé Morgan
Electronica, Pop, Dance
William Kuklis

Martin Mayer
Smooth Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop
Indie-Soul, Hip Hop
French, Jazz, Cabaret  
Dogs of Friday
Industrial, Ambient, Progressive

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Music Licensing & Composers
604 662 4144 ext 229


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