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Maya Rae & Benjamin Millman
"This Love" Live Session ft. Ludic

Just Cuz
Benjamin Millman + Maya Rae
When cousins Maya Rae and Benjamin Millman began busking in 2012, they had no idea their sun-kissed outdoor jams and late night songwriting sessions would blossom into the feel good music duo known as "Just Cuz".

Maya and Benjamin’s musical collaboration emanates pure unadulterated love and joy - inspired by artists like Joni Mitchell, Ed Sheeran and Colbie Caillat, their music sounds of sunshine, ocean swims and double scoops. Over the years, Just Cuz has performed to appreciative audiences at venues across British Columbia - from sold out theatres to intimate house concerts, spreading their undeniable love of music wherever they go.

With their crystal clear command of infectious harmonies, cool covers & awesome originals, they continue to delight discerning ear drums of all ages - Just Cuz is an emerging musical phenomenon you need to hear.

Maya Rae
Maya Rae has developed her love for music and performing since she was a young child. At just 17 years old, Maya’s captivating studio recordings and music videos have acquired national attention on CBC Radio, Roundhouse Radio and other social media outlets around the world.

Benjamin Millman
Benjamin Millman is a passionate musician, DJ and performer living in Vancouver, BC. He is an experienced singer and plays a large variety of different instruments, specializing in piano, guitar, and drums.

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