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Praise for Kate Davis

Balancing Life with Humour

Parenting with Humour
Kate Davis
The Healing Thread of Humour
A speaker, writer, comedian, actress and mother of three, Kate Davis has the unique ability to find humour in any situation. She was theatrically trained in England, and had a successful run on the Canadian stage and, eventually, through the many stages of motherhood found a passion in comedy.

A five-time nominee at the Canadian Comedy Awards and star of her own hour-long comedy special on CTV and the Comedy Network, Kate has appeared on Breakfast Television, Star TV, Toronto 1, Prime, WTN, TVO, CBC Radio One The Debaters and The Mom Show.

Through a reinventive outlook, Kate created successful parenting with humour workshops. These have transformed to the full range of presentations, exploring the positive effects humour on life.

From the corporate world to the bedtime story, Kate's insight and vision reveals the healing thread of humour. Kate has a monthly article in the Mom and Caregiver magazine and has been published in Today's parent magazine. Kate is proud to announce the release of her first book, The Breast Feeding Diaries, with Meadowbrook Press in the USA, for which she was recently presented the prestigious honour of being 2008's "iParenting Award" recipient.

Balancing Life with Humour
Kate Davis has the unique ability to find humour in any situation and to offer creative solutions to defuse the frustrations in the home and workplace. Kate's generous insight and outspoken character, provides a powerful combination to help organizations empower their staff with effective tools for managing stress and sustaining motivation.

People who attend Kate's "Balancing Life with Humour" lecture leave with an understanding of practical techniques for refueling, rediscovering and reengaging their true selves. Learning to use humour as an instrument of communication creates an atmosphere of compassion, caring and productivity.

Kate has spoken at such conferences as the YPO Banff conference, the Ontario Coalition of CAPC/CPNP Projects, the YEO, CMHC, University of Toronto Faculty, Teachers Pension Plan and many more.

Funny Mommy
Parenting with Humour Lecture and Workshop

This lecture/workshop gives parents, caregivers, educators, social service providers the tools to help defuse the chaos and stress of their lives through humour. Kate helps them to remember themselves, accept where they are and help them not feeling guilty about where they are not.

This lecture blends techniques of improvisation, visualization and affirmations. Parenting is a great lesson in letting go. You give birth, you let go. You nurse, you stop, you let go. They start school, you let go. They move out, you let go. "Funny Mommy" combines stand-up comedy with practical techniques to raise children. Check out Kate's comedy page.

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