Les Jambes Scandales
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Les Jambes Scandales
Can Can's Scandalous Legs transport you back to the ballrooms of 19th century Paris
Les Jambes Scandales is a Cancan troupe headed and choreographed by Diane Garceau, who first fell in love with the Cancan while performing it in the Vaudeville Varieties back in 2001. It was there that she discovered that the Cancan was the style of dance that finally inspired her to point her toes, and the rest was history!

Diane Garceau has performed a variety of styles ranging from swing, salsa, and Latin American folk dance to vaudeville, modern, clowning, and circus arts. She has performed in such diverse venues as a public monument in Montreal, the Scotia Bank Dance Centre, the Planetarium, the PNE, Virgin Records, a BC Hydro building during a rock video, an ice rink during half-time, the set of Andromeda, and a barge off Canada Place. She has danced for the International Dance Festival, Kathryn Ricketts, Firebelly Productions, Public Dreams, The Secret Lantern Society, Cirque Phoenix, The Jitterbug Junkies, Jungle Swing Productions, Youth Co, Grupo America, and the Vaudeville Varieties, and many others.

Aside from Diane Garceau, Les Jambes Scandales consists of a rotating roster of talented local and versatile dancers. Past dancers have included Keely Remillard, who honed her remarkable flexibility through the thrilling art of aerial dance; Kira Schaffer, who gained an appreciation for doing the perfect splits when she performed the Cancan back in elementary school, Michelle Christa Smith whose ability to do any kick, balance, splits or flip with impressive precision and control comes from the same mentality that enabled her to be a world champion baton twirler, and Lea Beah Litwack who just came back from a successful tour doing the Cancan in the Yukon!

Les Jambes Scandales is French for scandalous legs. The word cancan itself is also French for scandal, or tittle-tattle, because in the time in which it first appeared, in the working-class ballrooms of Paris during the 1830s through 1920s, the wild abandon with which the dancers lifted their skirts and revealed their hick-kicking stockinged legs would have been considered pretty scandalous indeed!

Les Jambes Scandales takes you back to that exciting time in the ballrooms of Paris.

Joy Metcalfe in Joy's Journal, CKNW Radio:

"Highlight of the evening's festivities was the on-stage appearance of Les Jambes Scandales (Scandalous Legs) taking the appreciative audience back to the wild and naughty days of the Parisien CanCan. These five shapely dancers with skirts flying, were fantastic! They had everyone on their feet happily applauding. C'est bon! Even better, the Parkinson Society will be able to add another $115,000 to aid in research and awareness of the disease..."

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