The Lovers Cabaret
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Lovers of Marley

Lovers of Zeppelin

The Lovers Cabaret
Vivid Dance Focused Shows
Unique mixes of Burlesque, Contemporary, Jazz and more.
Step inside their world of sex, dance and rock ′n roll! The Lovers Cabaret is a Vancouver based dance company dedicated to creating vivid dance focused shows that combine elements of multimedia, voice and storyline. With unique mixes of Burlesque, Contemporary, Jazz, Waacking and more, their shows integrate dance and music in a visually enticing blend.

"Bringing something fresh and exciting to the music and dance scene" - Beatroute Magazine

"…powerful works of art!" - Vancouver Weekly

THE ICON SERIES: A series of shows dedicated to the era when rock stars ruled the world. Using a primarily female cast, each show combines elements of different dance styles with video, photography and the original songs of some of the greatest music legends of our time. Sit back and enjoy a full score of your favourite bands and artists, while taking in a visual masterpiece. Each captivating dancer in the show, tells stories of the women who loved, influenced and fawned over the gods of Rock ′N′ Roll!

Lovers of Zeppelin
This show is an intimately set presentation featuring up to 12 charismatic female dancers. With a full score by Led Zeppelin, the show delves into the lives of the four most influential musicians of the 70’s. Focusing on their musical diversity the show uses old video archives of the band at it’s peak and explores the women who loved, inspired and obsessed over them. Guarantee you will leave this performance with a new perspective on the era when rock stars ruled the world.
*Minimum 5 dancers, multimedia can be removed if needed

Lovers of Hendrix
Join them as as they tell a story about love, lust and a fight for freedom in a restless time. 8 female performers unfold a tale about growing up in a time of social change and endless turbulence. This 45 minute presentation uses dance, multimedia, voice and a full score of Jimi Hendrix that will have you falling in love with The Lovers Cabaret!
*Short version with 6 dancers available, multimedia and voice can be removed if needed

Lovers of Marley
Let The Lovers Cabaret keep you warm with a night of pure reggae from the world’s biggest icon. Watch a cast of talented dancers weave a tale about the most well-recognized musician in the world and the effect he had on the women around him. Set to a soundtrack of the legendary Bob Marley, this show will cure your heartache and get you grooving!
*Minimum 6 dancers

Lovers of Queen
In a far away land where fantasy meets reality, Vancouver’s elite dancers weave a tale about the greatest musical adventure of our time and the soundtrack that belonged to it. Set to the music of "Queen", this show is sure to make you wonder "is this the real life?" or "Is this just fantasy?".
*Minimum 10 dancers, this show has a multimedia component that cannot be removed

THE NOIR SERIES: A series of shows pushing the boundaries of Burlesque and its seductive style. Viewer discretion is advised in these one of a kind cabaret shows designed to open the mind, seduce the senses and leave you with a pulsing desire for more. Entertaining, exotic and decadent…

An intimate contemporary burlesque show exploring the complicated layers of deceit, lust and vulnerability that can each play a role when secrets take hold of a relationship. This show features 6 stunning female dancers each portraying a part of an intertwining story about the humanity behind infidelity. This show premiered in Vancouver to rave reviews that called it "a performance that nudged at the boundaries of dance and elevated the underworld of burlesque"
This immersive cabaret experience comes alive on a night when Heaven meets Earth. The Norse goddess Syn, slips away from her role as Guardian of The Doors. When five goddesses of some of the deadliest sins, slip through the doors to the mortal world, what havoc will they wreak on humanity? This show features 5 principle dancers and can also be done with additional cast. Styles include burlesque, contemporary, salsa and Afro.

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