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Luis Giraldo
Romantic Pianist/Vocalist
If you like Canadian piano-playing jazz crooner Diana Krall, then Luis Giraldo could be your favorite new singer. Also hailing from Canada, Giraldo peddles music similar to that of Krall's -- classic song-inspired melodies coupled with seductive vocals -- romance-inducing music that can melt the heart of even the most die-hard rock fan. His musical resemblance to Krall is so striking that some critics have hailed him the "male version of Diana Krall". "I want my music to evoke a lot of romanticism. That's what I want with my music, something that makes people want to fall in love," says Luis.

Both his live shows and recorded works are replete with gorgeous piano playing and impressive vocals, reminiscent of nostalgic acts from days of yore.

Giraldo's performing and recording career started in his native Colombia where he released four albums with rock band Poligamia on Sony Music. He had a brush with mainstream popularity early on, playing keyboards for the band that even supported fellow Colombian Shakira during her world tour. During his stint with the band, Giraldo got an experience of what it felt like to play in front of 60,000 people in a stadium-sized arena.

Even when he relocated to Canada 9 years ago, Giraldo was still performing with pop- and rock-oriented performers such as Richard Torrance, Brian Allan, DJ Killers and Marcus Anthony. He discovered jazz almost by accident: He was given an offer to play jazz as part of a trio on board a cruise ship, an opportunity that required him to rehearse much of the jazz repertoire in a very short time. "That's how I started with jazz: It was jazz that found me; not the other way around," Giraldo said.

"Luis Giraldo approaches classic songs with respect and with his outstanding voice. His style recalls music from another era, and it's great to know that artists like him are keeping this style of music and singing alive."
- Marty Scarbrough from KASU (Jonesboro, Arkansas).

"Luis’ amazing voice, keyboard skills and extensive repertoire make for a perfect touch to any special occasion."

"His voice and musical talents added a classy touch to our Wedding Reception..."

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