Maya Rae
Maya Rae "Can You See Me?" - Available on Black Hen Music on April 3rd, 2020.

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Maya Rae
Young, genre-defying vocalist and composer
Bringing soulful acoustic music to a new generation

"Maya Rae already has an impressive grasp of the jazz form, and she’s determined to make this classic style speak to kids her own age." - The Georgia Straight

One of Canada’s Top 35 Jazz Artists Under 35 (CBC) "…a supremely gifted artist who is able to phrase like Sarah Vaughan but write a lyric like Joni Mitchell."

Vancouver-based, 17 year-old singer, musician and composer, Maya Rae, is an incredibly gifted artist with a soul that belies her age.   Her musical journey has already seen the release of a debut album of jazz standards and originals with some of Canada’s greatest musicians. 

Maya’s development as an artist continues with her new album "Can You See Me" Available on Black Hen Music on April 3rd, 2020. Produced by multiple Juno winner Steve Dawson, the CD will feature acoustic originals recorded in Nashville with an incredible cast of musicians. Maya Rae is a true musical storyteller, who uses her influences and experiences as a young woman to inform a diverse presentation of soulful music to the world.

Maya is inspired by musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and The Beatles, and modern-day artists like Jamie Cullum, Megan Trainor, Ed Sheeran, and Adele. This is not uncommon with singers today – growing up in an iTunes or Spotify generation, young artists can find themselves listening to a compilation of hundreds of songs from dozens of genres, all in one session. It has led to a generation that is blind to genre or musical confines – the key is to find a balance in these influences, allowing the listener a musical experience and journey in concert that is entertaining and enlightening. In her short career as a performer, Maya has found that balance and is becoming a meaningful storyteller on the stage.

Maya has performed on many stages and venues including The Vancouver Jazz Festival, Jazz Vespers, Pyatt Hall and Blue Frog Studios. She has shared the stage with prominent artists and musicians such as Cecile Larochelle, Tim Tamashiro, Jodi Proznick, Tilden Webb, Luis Giraldo, Jesse Cahill, Eli Bennett, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, Jaclyn Guillou, Miles Black, Cory Weeds, Andre Lachance, Vince Mai, Joel Fountain, Dave Sikula and many more. As a part of Maya’s stories to her listeners, there has always been a priority to speak for youth and peers that have faced barriers and personal difficulties in their life.

Maya says, “I am trying to write songs that convey a message of self-love and female empowerment. My songs speak about my experiences throughout high school and as a teenage girl, and the various struggles that adolescents encounter in their daily lives. The main message that I want to get across to my listeners is to promote one’s authenticity and to bring hope and empowerment to those who listen.”

Maya’s first album, recorded when she was just 14 and entitled Sapphire Birds, was released to huge acclaim on Vancouver-based, international jazz label Cellar live, in 2017.

2 albums of original songs and fresh arrangements of jazz and pop standards, all by the age of only 17. Maya Rae is an artist who is proving that an artist does not need to be confined by the past, but can use her influences, her own experiences as a young woman, and her view on the world to inform her diverse presentation of soulful music.

Maya Rae

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Styles/Genres: Jazz, Pop, Classic, Incredible Tone,
Meaningful, Storyteller Self-love, Hope, Empowerment

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