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Classic Burlesque Show Reel

Pandora and the Locksmiths
Live Jazz Burlesque
Pandora and the Locksmiths is a dynamic collective of professional singers, dancers, striptease artists, and musicians who offer extravagant and inspired live productions fit for a range of audiences. Best known for their triple-threat talents and timeless elegance, these lavish productions pack sentiment with excitement to spare!

Stylistically speaking, you could be in for a show paying tribute to classic jazz, an evening of swingin' 60s, groovy funk'n'soul, or contemporary music done with their signature jazzy twist; they are sure to delight every palate. The performers of Pandora showcase their talent and wit with a sultry touch as The Locksmiths set the tone for a compelling journey into both the past and future of burlesque.

You are invited to join them and experience a glamorous evening of unforgettable live entertainment!

Nicky Ninedoors
Ava Lure
Ruthe Ordare
Miss Kiss
Miss Fitt
Carole Brunette
Voracious V
Ariel Helvetica
August Wiled
The Locksmiths:
Sean Bayntun - Keys
Alison Gorman – Trumpet
Dominic Conway – Tenor Sax
Luis Melgar – Trombone
John Bews – Bass
Liam MacDonald – Drums

The Locksmiths can perform as an 8 piece band for Retro Strip Shows. The Repertoire includes soul/funk, disco, and rock.

They are able to do just a music show only if a venue or event doesn’t want the striptease element. Group size between 7-12 for just music.

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