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Rock Paper Scissors at Yuk Yuks
Rock Paper Scissors
Customized Corporate Improv Show
A Rock Paper Scissors custom-tailored comedy improv show is just that… custom tailored to suit your audience. We interview you about your organization, milestones, corporate mission statement, the people involved, industry buzzwords, sensitive issues, and future goals. We incorporate this inside information into our on-the-spot improv scenes.

The show can incorporate all aspects of your group, or we can zero in on one individual honouring a personal milestone. Either way, everyone gets involved as the audience supplies the suggestions that create the comedy. Some lucky people even end up on stage!

We may re-create the day in the life of a special employee, have a volunteer provide us with all the sound effects in a scene, or even have two lucky individuals physically move us in a scene! Whenever we use audience volunteers, we make them looks like the stars of the show (even though we’re doing all the hard work!)

A Rock Paper Scissors custom-tailored comedy show is a great break in the middle of a conference, a memorable way to re-enforce new product information or just a hilarious way to celebrate that special occasion!

Rock Paper Scissors is also available to perform as Leave it to Cleavage and The Retirement Speech
Leave it to Cleavage
The ORIGINAL Housewives of Vancouver!

Leave it to Cleavage is a ‘Battle of the Sexes’ game show that finally answers the question: "Who wears the pants in the family?" Hosted by delightful 50’s housewives, the show incorporates audience volunteers, game show questions and hilarious improv scenes.

Diana Frances is the Managing Director of Rock Paper Scissors. She is a Gemini nominated writer for ‘The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos’ and has also written for ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ and ‘Comedy Inc.’ She has been nominated for 7 Canadian Comedy Awards for ‘Best Female Improviser.’

Ellie Harvie is a renowned actress, stand-up comedian, and improviser. She played Morticia on ‘The New Adams Family’ for which she received a Leo Award. She was nominated for Gemini Awards for her gold medal performance in ‘The Improv Olympics’ and her dramatic guest star role in ‘Cold Squad’.

Christine Lippa has been performing stand-up and improv for over 14 years. She was the host for 3 seasons of the CBC pop culture television show ‘Zero Avenue’ and has been seen in ‘Davinci’s Inquest’, ‘Millenium’, ‘Mysterious Ways’ and ‘Outer Limits.’

The Retirement Speech
Phil Phaff to Retire!
A hilarious customized ‘Retirement Speech’ all about your company and the people involved.

You’ve never met Phil Pfaff. He’s the shy guy you’ve never visited in the back office. thankfully, you have one last chance to wish him well at his ‘retirement party.’ But not before he addresses the company in a moving retirement speech that will inadvertently arouse gales of laughter. You may not know Phil, but Phil sure knows you! All your paperwork passes through Phil’s office so he’ll have something to say about everybody.

And all of it is true! It’s all real company info told through the retirement speech of Phil Pfaff. Dan in marketing? Submits back-waxing receipts. Elaine in sales? Legally that's. The CEO? Never washes his mug. No one in your company is safe from Phil’s hilarious ‘Retirement Speech!’

Phil Pfaff is improv veteran Gary Jones. Gary is a seasoned improviser and comedy writer who’s performed at countless corporate events over the last 20 years.

When you hire Gary to appear as Phil Pfaff, you give him as much company dirt as you can. Gary will then incorporate it all into a killer, hilarious speech and deliver it like he’s known you all for thirty years.

Gary Jones is a comedian, actor, award-winning playwright, improviser and writer. Gary Jones once performed improv in the living room of Microsoft founder Bill Gates and stared as SG Walter Harriman on Stargate SG 1 and Stargate Atlantis.

He’s been performing in Vancouver for the past 22 years. But he’s finally leaving the business. YOUR business!

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