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Roman Danylo as David Caruso as Horatio Caine

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Roman Danylo
CTV Star of Comedy Inc! Interactive, High Energy and Hilarious
"Danylo proved he belongs with the country's best. He can do anything: clever observational stuff, impressions, physical bits and even improv. His comic comparisons are without equal."
– Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

Roman Danylo is one of Canada's most versatile comedians; his variety comedy show consists of sketch, stand-up, and improv.

Roman’s hilarious, topical, improvised and thoroughly customizable one-man shows are perfect for any corporate/association or theatre/comedy clubs. He has been known to gather information from the organizers and customizes a show specifically to their audience. Often, he invites audience members on stage for improvised scenarios, and no matter how witty the volunteers, he molds their presence into a memorable, of-the-moment sketch. With some standup and a few ridiculous character monologues, you get a delightful, clean and entertaining evening with one of North America’s fastest rising comedy stars.

He is one of a handful of comedians to have been awarded the honor of performing in the prestigious HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen and Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival in the same year. Roman and the cast of "Comedy Inc." have received two Gemini Nominations for their performances on CTV and the Comedy Network. The series won the prestigious Gold Medal Award for "Best TV Variety Program" at the 2007 New York Festivals for the third year in a row. In addition, he has won the 2004 Leo award for his performance in CBC’s “Western Alienation Comedy Hour”. In 2011 the BC Touring Council nominated Roman for the 2011 Artist Of The Year.

Roman’s latest TV endeavor is Canada’s next water-cooler TV show premiering on W. called "Show Me Some Funny". With both hidden camera pranks and home video bloopers, Roman helms this new hybrid that is both a reality show and comedy show wrapped into one laugh-out-loud half-hour.

Roman has four tailor made shows available for your theatre or arts council:

Comedy Scene Investigation.

A sketch comedy revue starring Roman Danylo. This touring comedy show is jammed packed with hilarious sketches, improv comedy, and a title parody sketch featuring Roman impersonating David Caruso cracking a case that could only happen in “Your Town”.

Imagine “CSI Kelowna” where the murder takes place at the local ‘Mission Hill Winery’, the killer hides out at ‘The Grand Hotel’, is chased down ‘Harvey Ave’ and escapes on a wave runner stolen from ‘Okanagan Boat Rentals’. After careful DNA testing and enhancing a blurry photo, the killer is revealed to be none other than the Sasquatch riding on Ogopogo drinking a Kokanee…. That sorta thing.

2. The Improvisors

Roman Danylo gathers some of the best improvisers from around the world to create customized comedy shows perfect for any occasion. The troupe improvises comedy sketches based on audience suggestions. The shows involve fun interactive audience participation and can also incorporate specific client information. With 25 years experience on the comedy scene, Roman has worked with some of the best improvisers in North America on TV projects like CTV’S COMEDY INC, CBC’S COMICS, and as Host of THE JUST FOR LAUGHS IMPROV CHAMPIONSHIPS and CBC’S IMPROV COMEDY GAMES. Roman has produced improv comedy shows at festivals, theatres, corporate events, cruise ships and comedy clubs around the world. No matter if it’s a two-person cast for a small corporate function or a six-person cast for a theatrical spectacle, Roman will hand-select the best improvisers for the event. Whether your event is in Australia or Newfoundland, Roman will not only put together the best improvisers for the job, he can usually gather performers close to the area in order reduce overall travel costs.

3. Roman Danylo is “ROMAN AROUND THE COUNTRY” in this variety comedy show consisting of sketch, stand-up, and improv. The show is both light-hearted and edgy and takes on various subjects from love, to war, to snacks at the mall food court. The show is a blend of four different genres of comedy. Roman starts his show with high energy observational stand-up, then incorporates audience members into interactive comedy sketches, all the while peppering in some of his popular characters from TV, and finishes by inviting a fellow professional improviser to the stage to join him in some award winning improvisation.
Roman breaks all the rules of a traditional comedy shows by often crawling into the crowd or bringing audience members up on stage to make them part of the experience. All types of comedy, on a wide range of topics, this show has a little something for everyone. Once you've seen this show you'll never need to watch comedy again!

4. The Ultimate Comedy Show! A variety comedy show consisting of sketch, stand-up and improv featuring some of the best comedy acts in the world! It’s more than a show; it’s a euphoric interactive entertainment experience. All other shows, movies and drugs pale in comparison. Once you’ve watched this show, you’ll never need to watch comedy again. A unanimous five star rating by all reviewers everywhere. If this show isn’t the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen, then you watched it incorrectly. All types of comedy on a wide range of topics, this show has a little something for everyone; after all, it is “The Ultimate Comedy Show!” This show will change your life…. life change not guaranteed."

"Best sketch comedy show since Kids in The Hall"
– Lindsay Brown, Halifax Daily News.

"Roman's ability to keep a crowd laughing with the use of improvisational comedy was obvious. With some information about our company and our employees he was able to put together a clean, humorous program that entertained all and offended none."
– John Lalumiere, Human Resources Manager, Lafarge Canada

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