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Poetic, smokey vocals-a-la-Jacques Brel of Vancouver
He arrived in Vancouver late 2005 and it's with a suitcase full of life experiences that he made a stop between the sea and the mountains.

In Quebec City, he left behind him a well filled musical career having carried from city to city his show, "Brel, tu freres encore," which was well received and publicly acclaimed. After two exhilarating years, he suddenly stopped the intense Brel adventure, afraid that his character's skin would eventually fade too much into his own.

Once in Vancouver and far from wanting to further his career in singing, he immersed himself into the misty strength of the Western city.

His interest in music remained powerful and in an effort to find musical partners, he registered in the contest "Pacifique en Chanson" in 2006. He won and this allowed him to represent his adopted province at "Chant'Ouest" in Winnipeg the same year.

From this moment on, heads started to turn throughout the French community in Western Canada. His win in Manitoba opened the door to the "Festival de la chanson de Granby." The birth of his first son prevented him from attending as he traded a possible victory for a much greater purpose. Nonetheless, the rumor quickly spread all over Canada about his great presence on stage.

In fact, even English people are starting to pay attention. In November 2008, Saint-Pierre's first album was released in Vancouver. The venue was crowded with people who want to hear this phenomenon, who, in three years has become one of the best French singers on the Western Canadian scene.

"42" is the title of the cd. It is an eclectic mix of folk and jazz with soaring electric accents. The album features 12 titles and among them, "Promenade," reached 10th position on "CITR-fm" in Montreal in the winter of '09.

Across Canada, the album is welcomed by a wide variety of Radio and TV stations. The CBC starts to get extremely curious. On March 26 2009, Radio-Canada, CBC and Bold recorded his concert at Ironworks Studios in Vancouver for radio and TV. It was a magical night for the series, "All Access," that highlights seven of the most sought after artists in British Columbia. He's the only francophone.

On July 11 2009, Saint-Pierre made history by becoming the first artist ever to have a show aired in French on an English channel in Canada.

"The challenge was big but Saint-Pierre was, in a magnificent way, up to it"
- Jacques Samson, Le Soleil

"Giant artist without pretention"
- Laura Martin, La Tribune

"An excellent product, marvellous quality that has very few things to envy from productions of the biggest labels"
- Simon Forgues, Radio du Reseau francophone d'Amerique

"Poetic, smokey vocals-a-la-Jacques Brel of Vancouver"
- Derek Bird, realisateur CBC


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