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Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble EPK

Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble
Joyful, Soulful, Passionate
Music and Dance Conversation
The Meaning of "Samar"
"Samar" means evening conversation in Arabic. It gives off the air of being joyful, soulful, and passionate. The ensemble "Samar" is made up of two passionate drummers and a joyful dancer and their aim is to not only connecting with each other, but to engage and interact with audience. The result is a fiery, percussive and unexpected mix of artistic expression.

About Samar
The members of Samar have been performing together since 2005 in various festivals, stage shows, restaurants, corporate functions, galas, grand openings and other special events. Samar has been a featured performer at the Vancouver-based "In The House Festival" for 4 years, and has been showcased in fundraisers and community events. They offer a professional, fun, interactive shows as well as workshops, tutorials and demos.

Ashley Kirkham - Dancer
Ashley is a Vancouver, BC based dancer who has been professionally performing since 2000, and has held residency at most Greek, Arabic, Persian and Mediterranean restaurants and venues in the Lower Mainland. Ashley has been lucky to be performing with Tim since 2005 and Liam since 2008. Dancing to live percussionists is the best way to get integrated into Middle Eastern rhythms, and Ashley loves the spontaneity and surprises that happen through dancing to live music. Ashley has a true chemistry with Tim and Liam and she often refers to them as her "musical soul-mates." This chemistry shows in their performances.
Liam MacDonald - Riq, Daf, Percussion
Since Liam MacDonald relocated to Vancouver in 1997, he has been equally in demand for his drum set playing as well as his abilities as a multi-percussionist. Although Liam's quest for new sounds and rhythms from around the world is on-going, his primary focus has been that of Middle Eastern frame drums and Afro Brazilian percussion. Due to Liam's versatility as a percussionist, it has led him to perform and tour extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada.
Tim Gerwing - Darbuka, Daf
Tim Gerwing is a Vancouver, BC based musician and producer whose acclaimed electronic work is partnered with a specialty in Middle Eastern percussion. Tim has been working with Ashley since 2005 and has also performed with many dancers and musicians in Russia, Japan, and London, UK. He offers lessons and workshops, and is a frequent performer with Oud master Serwan Yamolky. The "Serwan Yamolky Trio," which also features Liam MacDonald, has recently released an album entitled "La Younsa." Tim is also a regular member of Gord Grdina's ensemble "Haram."
Andre Thibault - Oud and Woodwinds
Andre Thibault (pr. Tee-bo) is a well-respected musician in the acoustic world. He is a brilliant string and winds player whose fiery rhythms and stunning technique result from a unique blend of Flamenco and Moorish traditions colored with jazz, classical and World music.

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