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Double Feature Review -
Tamara Rhodes Fact Sheet
Tamara Rhodes
Little Bit of Ella, Little Bit of Keys,
From the New School with an Old Soul
An old soul with a young heart makes Tamara's sound as reminiscent as the sultry, smokey Jazz and Blues greats like Ella and Billie, yet as familiar as the fresh, hip sounds of Alicia Keys, Macy Gray and Jill Scott. Her sweet vocal style and beautifully written songs are winning the hearts of those who enjoy R&B, Jazz, Soul and Pop, she is defiantly making an impact straight across the board and to audiences of all ages.

Tamara’s work in the television world is being highly honoured. She was nominated for two 2009 Gemini Awards for Best Score for a Dramatic Series, for her theme song for Global TV’s The Guard and for CTV’s Blood Ties. Her music can also be heard on Godivas and Show Me Yours.

It seems every so often a superstar is waiting to be discovered - a star that is untouchable and appears to transcend all earthly boundaries. But, there is nothing about Tamara Rhodes that is untouchable, yet her music definitely says superstar. In fact, she is so touchable that you can literally feel the warmth of her broad smile. Her "home girl next door" charm resonates through a sonic flow of words that seems to invade your most private thoughts. It's the delivery of those words that is refreshingly calm and patient making you want to scream, "Take your time, girl!" You sense that she is not singing words, but experiences and the issues of her heart.

“I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Tamara during her stay here in New York…I literally watched her evolve into the sultry hypnotizing singer that you all see today. T-Rose blossomed into Tamara Rhodes. Look out world, here she comes. Talented and gorgeous, need I say more?”
Kerby Jean
Renaissance One Promotions, New York City, NY

“Her vocal style and beautifully written songs are winning the hearts of those  who enjoy R&B, Jazz, Soul and Pop. Her voice has warm tones somewhat akin to the torch singers of the 50’s with a funky hip hop edge”
Latif Tayour
Mixer/Producer/Engineer, Los Angeles, CA
Blonde and Blonder Trailer
featuring the Title Track "Double Feature"

Tamara Rhodes is available for music composition work.
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Opening theme from Blood Ties
featuring "Live Forever"

Opening Theme for The Guard
featuring "Save Me"


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