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Tanyalee Davis
Little Comedian, BIG Laughs
At 3'6", Tanyalee is the Ferrari of comedy - low to the ground and kind of racy.

Tanyalee's perception of people, and how they perceive her, exaggerates the humor of life's "little" tasks and routines. One theme in Tanyalee’s act is about being “sexy”. The “sexy comes from within”, which means everyone can be sexy and Tanyalee proves it.

Tanyalee just finished a 6 month run of her own show “Little Comedian, BIG Laughs” just off the Las Vegas Strip where she was voted 5 stars for the Las Vegas tripadvisor. Her TV credits list on as she was spotlighted on the premiere episode of “Last Comic Standing 2”, Adam Hills: Comically Challenged, BBC Northern Ireland, “Little People, Big World” as well as featured on “World’s Smallest People” on ITV (UK) and TLC -The Learning Channel. Tanyalee Davis has headlined at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, was seen on MTV’s BASH and performed on Dave Attell's Insomniac Tour.

Canadian born, Tanyalee currently makes the stage her home while touring all over the world bringing the funny! She is part of “Abnormally Funny People,” an ensemble show that performs throughout the United Kingdom and in 2007 she premiered her first one-woman show called “Little Do They Know” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where she received 4 star reviews.

Tanyalee is also available to perform her one-woman show "Little Do They Know," where Tanyalee takes the audience on a journey of cruelty, embarrassment, independence, courage and triumph. She is small in size but her personality and spirit are 10 feet high. Don’t assume anything, ‘cuz little do you know!

In 2012 'life' threw Tanyalee, a life-loving, world-touring comedian, a curve ball. 5000 miles from home, she got a life-threatening blood clot. Complications ensued. With her mother as her nurse, Tanyalee nearly lost her mind along with her uterus. From the chaos birthed her newest show "Big Trouble In Little 'Gina'."

Tanyalee has made a small yet significant dent in the entertainment scene thus far, headlining throughout the US, Canada and the UK. What she lacks in height she makes up in tenacity. Known as "the little lady with a lot of BIG laughs."

“A master of physical punctuation”
- Las Vegas Sun

“ touch you, amaze you, entertain you hugely”, “cleverly crafted”, “Tanyalee is a punch-packing standup”


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