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Ted Couling
Some say Ted Couling was born to draw CARICATURES. "Just look at his BIG HEAD AND LITTLE BODY!" exclaimed the doctor who welcomed him into the world. Ted began drawing hieroglyphics in the womb, progressed to putting clothes on stick men and was drawing cartoons and caricatures by age 12.

At age 14, Ted and his caricatures of NHL Stars were featured coast to coast on Hockey Night In Canada. He turned pro at this point (drawing, not hockey and as a result, still has all his teeth). With a college diploma in Advertising Art, majoring in Graphic Design and Illustration, Ted worked in advertising until forming his own successful freelance cartooning and caricature business in 1987.

Drawing cartoon portraits at special events since 1986, Ted had entertained people from all over the world. The difference in Ted's work is that he does not "take your worst features and exaggerate them". Rather, he emphasizes the good points.

His client lists reads like a corporate who's who, featuring the likes of Mercedes Benz, General Motors, General Foods, IKEA, McDonalds and various Professional Sports Teams. Ted has combined elements of gag cartooning and a keen eye for caricature likeness to become one of North America's fastest and funniest caricature entertainers.

Ted Couling

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