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Bottle Fairies
Turner's Contortionists & Acrobats
We'll Bend Over Backwards to Make Your Event Special
“I couldn’t have asked for a more professional team of people to work with. Their addition to the show made it one that people will remember for a lifetime. From the first moment the contortionists entered a crowd started to form. Within a matter of minutes  the whole party diverted their attention to the contortionists. They had a swarm of people around them watching with awe.”
- Thomas Lynch
Fashion Designer, Event Planner

Turner’s Contortionists & Acrobats is a professional performance troupe based out of Vancouver. We are fully involved in the Movie (Stunt/Feature), Commercial and Ad Industry. We specialize in unique customizable shows offering one of a kind live entertainment featuring contortion, dance, acrobatics and aerial silks.

Through the use of original music, visuals and costumes, we cater to every aspect of your entertainment needs. From a single performer to full scaled productions inclusive of live singing, instruments, and choreographed themes, we can create a show that will leave you bending over backwards for more.

Turner’s Contortionists & Acrobats offers custom shows for your event. Extreme flexing of the human body, high flying aerialists, fire effects, live music and vocals come together to create a dynamic entertainment experience.

Acrobats with "Destineak" - Georgie Awards

Acrobat and Contortionist Sample Video

Telus Event Live @ Club 560 Vancouver

Daina′s Promo
Aerialist, Contortionist, Hand to Hand


Daina with Aerial Hoop

Christmas Show - Welcome to The North Pole

Duo Weggsphere

Aerial Silk Acrobatics with "Destineak" - Canada Place


Chantelle′s Promo
Aerialist and Contortionist


Daina Marissa Duo Wedding

Senior Games Show Highlights

Dynamic Vantastic Riverside

Aerial Silk

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